Calling it a Day

Those who joined the United Nations before the 90s, 

Must leave it at the magic age of Sixty !

Which is where Renu has arrived 

And so now takes her bow with pride.


In the passion that has been the UN

A range of development issues were spanned.

From international trade to HIV and AIDS

Through acronyms that begin to spin...



Driving the un-initiated agog...

But emerging from the quagmire

Are the UN principles higher and higher.


Which captivate, motivate, drive and fire

An engagement with issues and one does not tire

In Thailand and Cambodia, Brazil and Afghanistan, 

Jamaica, Zambia, Egypt and Uzbekistan 


Dear Colleagues, treasure the United Nations, treasure its mission

HIV and AIDS is a special passion

Relish the work and the difference you make

And now I must my leave take !

February 2007