Duo Albedo perform enchanting classics

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Email : salome.radovic@gmail.com

The Albedo duo is first and foremost a friendship. A friendship born in the corridors of the Geneva conservatory. The opportunities for performances then took place in the context of the piano and the violin. This before Helena Duckert traded her violin for singing. It is the casual love of music and sharing that will push Salomé and Helena to continue their duet in a new artistic approach. They choose to play for an audience, however eclectic it may be.


Sharing is then the leitmotif around which the Albedo duo revolves. Its name recalling the white work of alchemists or the reflection of light, tends to reflect the freshness and dynamism of a youth turned towards being.


Deviating as much as possible from an elitist atmosphere and considered dusty by some uninformed, the Albedo duo assumes the non-standard side of their philosophy. Through their love of the stage, Salomé and Helena invite us to daydream, smile or cry, in lively, timeless music, and transport the time of a concert to an "elsewhere" whoever listens to it.


The Albedo duo takes you on a journey... Let yourself be transported!

Salomé Radovic, piano

Salomé Radovic studied in the Geneva and Lausanne region. Admitted to the course pre-HEM in Geneva, in Bachelor of Music in piano then in Master Instrumental Pedagogy in the Lausanne University of Music (HEMU) in the class of Pierre Goy, she receives the teaching of Paul Cocker, Elisabeth Leonskaya, Cédric Pescia, Frank Levy, Krysztof Jablonski, Ricardo Castro or even Muza Rubackyte during workshops and masterclasses.


She is a laureate for several years in the piano competition organized by the conservatory of

Geneva and laureate in 2014 for the Swiss Music Competition for Youth in chamber music training. She also practices the harpsichord with Dorota Sybulska at the Geneva Conservatory and awarded with congratulations in 2018.


In the meantime, becoming particularly passionate about chamber music, which is his key word, she regularly gives concerts in piano-lieder duet with the soprano Helena Duckert in their Duo Albedo, as well as in a trio, quartet or quintet in several festivals in Switzerland and France, and in particular at the “1st century music festival” in Drôme, at the “Shanghai international children’s cultural & art festival” in China or even at the “Sunday Concerts” at Gingins in Switzerland.


The pianist appreciates the mixture of artistic disciplines. She is currently working on projects combining theatre, slam, music and dance and is also fully committed to the influence music through little musical tales.


Helena Duckert, soprano

Helena Duckert graduated with a "Bachelor of Arts" in violin in 2015 from the Haute École of Music of Geneva. She received several Swiss prizes and the "1st Arditi Prize" in Violin.


As a violinist, she notably performs with the Swiss Youth Orchestra, the Orchester des Young Germans or with the World Youth Chamber Orchestra.


She is pursuing her "Master of Arts" specializing in lyrical singing in the class of Stuart Patterson at the Haute École de Musique in Neuchâtel where she graduated in June 2018 with the congratulations from the Jury and became that same year, semi-finalist of the International Competition of Opera in Arles. Since 2018, Helena has been performing with the Lausanne Vocal Ensemble (EVL).



She perfected her skills with Luisa Castellani, Stefan Genz, Ulrika Tenstam, Rachel Bersier, Janet Perry during masterclasses. She sings professionally for "Cantatio" under the baguette of John Duxbury in Geneva, with the Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne” under the direction by Daniel Reuss, with the choir of the University of Neuchâtel under the direction of Sylvain Muster. His choices are usually the soprano parts in various oratorios: Stabat Mater of Pergolesi and Dvorak, the Messiah of Handel, the Creation of Haydn that she loves particularly with chefs from French-speaking Switzerland.

She performs at the "International Voice Festival" in Montelpuciano (Florence) in the role of Gretel (Hänsel & Gretel) as part of the Academy of Young Swiss Talents in July 2019, under the direction of Philippe de Bros. She embodies the role of Gabriel in the oratorio "Die Schöpfung” by Haydn. She performs regularly as a violinist and singer with several instrumental formations (Baroque Pegasus ensemble from Geneva). Helena is soloist in the world creation "Voces Moventes" which mixes baroque opera, the universe classical and hip-hop dance (tour of 13 dates in Switzerland in September 2018).


In 2019 and 2020, she sang at the “Folles Journées de Nantes” Festival, and at the “Festival Springboard” in Lausanne; she performs with her piano-vocal duo in French-speaking Switzerland and in France for recitals of Lieder and Melodies. In 2021, she participates in the world creation

of Dante under the direction of Cédric Becu (Lyon).