Pascal Rossy

 18 July 2021

Turkish Sufi and Soprano sax

TIBIAE – Live music performance


In Latin, Arabic or Sanscrit, the flute and it’s music are portrayed by a single word; respectively Tibiae, Ney, or Bansuri. 


Bone, reed and bamboo, given life by breath to resonate in harmony. Fingers dance with agility across the holes of the Ney, positioned with secret elaboration over the centuries by alchemist artisans.


High and far, the ragas, scales and makams fly away on transparent wings. Predating letters, maybe at the very birth of words, this the oldest wind instrument, gives consciousness to the inert, breath becomes music, perpetuating life, conjuring an ecstasy of seraphic ornaments. Thus is Aimmi's quest. Let yourself be carried away for a while in his interactive event.


Aimmi's  Biography


Born in Paris in the 60's the Franco-Swiss musician Aimmi discovers Jazz at the age of

ten, when he receives the album Coltrane  for Christmas. From that moment on, playing the saxophone becomes his priority.


In the 80’s, he studies Jazz and Improvisation with Francois Jeanneau, continuing that adventure at the CIM in Paris. Aimmi then moves to Martinique, teaching Jazz for 2 years in Fort de France.


In 1989, in he meets Fela Anikulapo Kuti in Lagos Nigeria and plays as a soloist with Fela band Egypt at the original Shrine venue. His meeting with Fela is a cornerstone in his life. Aimmi is then recognised by SACEM as a Jazz improviser and creates his own quartet to tour in France with the pianist Christophe Joneau (sideman of Geraldine Laurent).


1995 finds Aimmi in Switzerland, where he creates many bands of different flavours, working with event companies.


In 2007, he joins the United Sounds of Jazz project of Alain Goy, band leader and arranger.


From 2008, Aimmi hangs his hat in Singapore, from where he roams across South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa, while pursuing his side business in IT. In Singapore he is part of many projects, being a resident jammer in the Boat Quay jazz clubs that are very active at this time. Travel inspires him to take up his pen and he starts writing short stories and a novel (to be published).


In 2011, Aimmi discovers the Ney (traditional Middle Eastern reed flute) and the Ottoman music that he studies today, the passion of his early motivation undiluted.


Early 2019, he writes and directs “ Horny Strings”, a musical play, with his long time accomplice Alain Goy. During this project he meets the actress Alexandra Karamisaris with whom he creates the company “Le train des autres”. Aimmi now belongs to “La Société Suisse des Auteurs”.


In 2020 Aimmi co-writes, with Alexandra Karamisaris and Alain Goy, a new musical show called “Time for Hope”. He also produces “David Was”, a contemporaray jazz project based on the repertoire of David Bowie (being an early huge fan of the English rock star) while continuing performing,playing the ney with the Swiss Arabic ensemble « Zafraan ».