Chizuko Hayashi

Sunday, 6 Nov 2021

A rare opportunity to hear a Koto Master, Chizuko Hayashi,

The Koto was introduced from China in the 7th century, and it is said the foundation of the current koto was laid by the Yatsuhashi Kengyo in the 1600s. The koto is made of wood and has 13 strings strung over movable bridges. The length may vary depending on the school, but it is generally about 180cm. Each part of the koto is named after the legendary Chinese dragon. The top end (or right side from the player’s perspective) of the instrument, is called the “dragon head” and the other end, the “dragon tail”.


Chizuko Hayashi (right side of the photo) started teaching Koto in 1973 at Ikutaryu-Koto in Kyoto Todo-Kai. In 1976 she played part in a major concert at the Kabuki Theater in Kyoto and later played this concert every year. After sixteen years of study in Kyoto, appointed master of Ikutaryu- Koto. After that she was assistant to KEIKIN Hayashi. Teaching at high school and organizing concerts for Keikin-Kai. Since 2002 she lives in Switzerland, where she appears at various music events, gives Shakuhachi & Koto workshops and classes.

Mariko Kawahara (left side of the photo), a member of the Kinmei-Kai will be performing with Chizuko Hayashi.