Now that Mom

Has gone

To whom will I complain

Of heartache and pain

At a promotion lost

A promotion gained

This unfair world

Stories to be told

At sixty-one

Still leaning on Mom?

For constant advice

Is this house nice

Or that one better

It has such a lovely shutter

From across the oceans she would proclaim

The newer the better

Forget the old shutter

The lectures have stopped

The constant refrain:

Pull in the tummy

Loose that weight

And why can’t you stand straight ?

Tidy your room

Fix that hair

And lipstick is needed

Take some care

Talk to people, try and converse

And not only in obscure verse

Well, it’s never to late to follow that dictum

At sixty-one

There’s still much to be done

So I will

Loose that weight

Stand up straight

Tidy my room

Lipstick on soon

Fix that hair

Show people I care

Hold in the tummy

And finally listen to my Mummy!

5th Sep 2008