Ingrid’s Day

Ingrid’s day was our day

Ingrid’s day was everyday

With morning steam

She greeted the Team.


She trusted us

She believed in us

She motivated us

She never berated us.


This was not a normal bureaucrat

We were quickly assured of that.

Who was this Ingrid Eide then?

Surely unique in the UN system!


Watch her, my friends, tactfully tame

A room full of 12 full-bodied men, not lame

The UNDP Senior Management they swore

Approving projects of one million or more.


Where, she queried, is the gender dimension ?

And I do not mean only some mention

With practical ideas flowing aplenty

She left them, the men, shell-shocked, gently…


Ingrid’s bowls of apples galore

No chips, no dips, junk food no more

Her healthy messages did enable

Us to get fit before fashionable.


But unknown to us, this Norwegian connection

Went back some decades, to an event Indian

When an avid student from Delhi University

Went to hear a travelling Professor of Sociology.


You were married to Whom? I did exclaim

Then with time understood, that all our fame

Of those who had worked, been near, been dear

Had benefitted from Ingrid’s wisdom clear.

Without which we would not be achievers, successes

Standing out with competitive edges.


But the ultimate question by my Alexander asked

Observing her frankness, her taking to task

Direction, objection

Love and affection


Mom, is Ingrid Family or Friend?

All, I reply, plus - my mentor to the end…

19th Sep 2008