Sublime REDS from a region famous for whites

Published in Sommelier India Spring 2021

Renu Chahil-Graf is excited about her discovery of Maso di Villa wines in the hills of Conegliano.


The glass was swirled, the aroma breathed in deep, and breathed in again, it was already unbelievable. Eventually the first mouthful had to be taken, swished around and finally swallowed. The effect was instant. It had been at least three decades for me since the same feeling had arisen. To make one jump from one’s chair and run to the owner. Who had produced this magnificent wine?

Beautiful Bubbles from the Hills of Veneto

Published in Sommelier India Spring 2021

Renu Chahil-Graf falls in love with the Prosecco region, recently recognised as a UNESCO Heritage site

The Prosecco countryside knocks you off your feet, but keeps your head steady. The endless, stunning vistas are a feast for the eyes – and a feast for the palate is forthcoming. Spread over hilly terrain above the town of Conegliano, one sees an abundance of vineyards awash with Glera grapes and bathed in sunlight as harvesting season commences.

PUGLIA A gastronome’s delight

Sommelier India, Vol 16, issue 2, Spring 2020

Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the local population lived in caves till as recently as the 1950s, takes your breath away


Renu Chahil-Graf heads to the heel of Italy and falls head over heels in love. There was so much advice. All very helpful. Although much not followed. It’s the wrong season for Puglia (pronounced Poo-lee-ah). January is so cold – and windy. There’s so much to see and do. Yes, it’s called the heel because this easternmost tip of Italy looks like a boot heel...

Postcard from Kohima

Sommelier India, Vol 16, issue 2, Spring 2020

It was an offer one could not refuse. And within it was another offer not to be refused.


The first was an invitation to the northeast chapter of the Old Sanawarian Society to be held in Guwhati, Assam. While I am not a regular at old school meets, I jumped at this opportunity to see a different part of India. Then, I gate crashed a trip to Nagaland, organised by Major-General Kulpreet Singh, the president of tthe Old School group. We were ostensibly going to the annual Hornbill Music Festival in Kohima, but here was an opportunity to explore more – culture, art, food… and, unexpectedly, wine!

Luckily, more than ‘Once in a Lifetime’!

Renu Chahil-Graf attends the Fête de Vignerons 2019 in Vevey, Switzerland, and comes away impressed, exhilarated and moved


The Fête de Vignerons (Festival for Winegrowers) in Vevey that I attended on 1st August, the Swiss National Day, brought many surprises. Although it is billed as a festival attended just once in a lifetime since the 18th century, in actual fact people flock to this village every 15 or 20 years to experience the festivities – and the wine.

From a weekend getaway to an award-winning vineyard

On a warm, welcoming May afternoon, families and couples (more on them later) lounge on Adirondack chairs, glasses filled with chilled Sauvignon Blanc, taking in sweeping 360° views over glorious vineyards. Idyllic, yes. But it took grit and determination to establish this vineyard with its award-winning wines. Searching for a peaceful spot away from trendy Georgetown in Washington DC where they lived, it was love at first sight for Robert Muse and Sally Cowal — an old farmhouse, with a one-acre vineyard cultivated by previous owners as a hobby. However, with a deep-seated interest in good wine, the couple had ambitions beyond this initial acre. The challenge was that both had full-time and fully engaging ...

At the Khushwant Singh Litfest: A Glass of Wine with…

While waiting to hear about the line-up of writers for the next Khushwant Singh Litfest (12-14 October 2018), let’s take a flashback to last year’s festival, and especially the wine preferences of some eminent participants.

How Europe’s highest vineyard ended up with 500 owners and Indian connections

28/05/2015 BY LE NEWS

Get high on Switzerland this summer, writes Renu Chahil-Graf from her Swiss mountain retreat. There are many reasons to visit, not least its exceptional food and wines and salubrious climate.


The highest altitude vineyard in Europe is known to be in Visperterminen, a village of 1,400 people,....

Wine Women & Words

03/11/2014 BY LE NEWS

This October, it was the third Khushwant Singh Literary Festival in Kasauli, but the second attended by Sommelier India. The wine was as good as the year before, especially the Sula Sauvignon Blanc, which won the silver medal at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards in 2012, writes SI correspondent, Renu Chahil-Graf (pictured left with Rahul Singh).


Served in the bar of the legendary Kasauli Club every night at the after event drinks, this crisp and dry wine, was popular with all.For red wines lovers, the Cabernet-Shiraz was fully satisfactory and served at....