Saas-Fee Stories

Saas-Fee Stories is a work in progress. It aims to show the evolution of a Swiss mountain village from poverty to prosperity to uncertainty to stability. It speaks through the voices of its oldest inhabitants and through the eyes of each successive generation.

Arnold Andenmatten

As a gold medal winner at the 1948 winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Arnold Andenmatten is proud to relive the event many times over! At age 93, his physique and personality still reflect the strength, endurance and ....

Werner Imseng

Active, enthusiastic with ever bright eyes at 92 years, Werner Imseng talks about life, living, hiking and writing in Saas-Fee. The oldest of five siblings, Werner got involved early in his father’s business ....

Antonia Anthamatten

Despite early tragedy, Antonia Anthamatten persevered throughout her life. At age 20 she was courted by a 32 year old army officer, which was considered “scandalous” at the ..