Leaders, Correas and Mothers

Cornell Club of Switzerland in Pontresina, July 2021

Published on Cornell website, July 2021


GHK Lobby
GHK Lobby

We know that leaders set the direction / successes / failures of countries, companies and more.

Recent examples aplenty! This must extend to hotels and clubs…

The remarkable management of the five-star Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina, directed by our very own Marc Eichenberg, has outdone past standards. Not only in the quality of the spa with its dreamlike facilities and skilled, responsive trainers - the scrumptious, healthy breakfasts with oh so attentive staff - the reception responding to every need with competence and a smile, the impeccable hushed housekeeping… But the cherry on the cake this year was Marc overseeing an extraordinary renovation by the famed French designer, Pierre. Yves Rochon. Check it out! kronenhof.com

Back to leadership - this time of the Cornell Club of Switzerland - with young (at least comparatively!) Christophe Zimmerli , the President, continuing to attract more Cornellians of all ages and organising events all over awe-inspiring Switzerland. This time, a great pleasure getting to know 32 Cornellians, the most ever, at the Pontresina weekend. Kicked off with chilled Moet, as usual!

But beware about following the leader too closely. Tempted, I followed Christophe and group on a walk billed as “mostly flat”. Now, never trust a Swiss when a walk is described as mostly flat! They grow up running up steep (mostly flat?) slopes, skiing off-piste, climbing perpendicular rocks, jumping off mountains in parachutes… You name it, the Swiss invented it. Possibly as an antidote to concentrated, minute watch-making in long dark winters…

Despite lagging behind, I did finish the 17 kilometres along a gushing river, whew!


The reward at the end of the walk was to arrive in a forest where live concerts are held every summer - this one sponsored by the St. Moritz Jazz Festival and billing César Correa, (no relative of Chick Corea) a Peruvian-born magician. At least that is the only way to describe César’s amazing handwork across the piano keys and literally flying off his piano seat! Afro-Latin jazz and more, together with his team of three. Catch him when you can, since he does gigs around Switzerland. Videos on cesarcorrea.ch.


Can we live up to our Mothers? Or can we even try? Well Lisa certainly made a valiant effort, with her shows ’Wonderful at Badrutt’s Palace hotel, also part of the St. Moritz jazz festival. Devising lyrics, energy and style all her own she will certainly make it. But when your mother’s first name is Nina and last name is Simone – there’s a way to go…